• Sunday, September 29, 2019

    Dear Grade 3 Parents, 

    Please read my attached academic word document which explains in detail what we will be learning this week in third grade in the areas of religion; reading comprehension; spelling; phonics; grammar; vocabulary and mathematics.

    First of all, I want to compliment every one of your children for their exemplary behavior during our evacuation drill from our classroom to Father Gillis Hall. Each one of them followed every rule perfectly, and everything went as smooth as possible.🙏😇 Thank you for picking them up at Father Gillis Hall in a timely manner. The entire school did a terrific job in both the early childhood program release, as well as the K through grade 8 release. Thank you also for continuing to have your child at school at 8 o'clock each morning so that they can get themselves all prepared for the day and ready for prayers which begin on the loudspeaker at 8:05 AM. After prayers on Mondays, we leave immediately for St. Joseph Church for Praise and Worship with Father Ron. On Tuesday through Friday, we immediately begin our math lesson, while one of our students goes up to the middle school for their math lesson. Grade 6 math period begins immediately after prayers, so I have coordinated ours to match their time schedule.

    As a reminder, please remember to have your child show you their daily papers so that you can review with them anything that is necessary, and also so that you can take out what is not needed in their folders anymore. Usually, we write "SAVE" on any papers that are to remain in the folders. If papers that are supposed to go home don't get removed in a timely manner, the folders get full very quickly and the children have difficulty finding the papers that they need. Thank you very much for checking their work and showing them how much you care about what they are doing in school.

    Beginning in a couple of weeks, I will also be sending home a paired reader of differentiated reading levels each week that coordinates with the weekly story. Each student will be given one full week to complete the small reader and answer the questions at the end of it on paper I have prepared for each of the stories. This is a more independent way to complete a reading log as I help them transition to the intermediate grades which focus on "reading to learn" from the primary levels of grades K through two of focusing on" learning to read".

    School-Wide Pet Food/Supply Drive sponsored by Grade 3 during the month of October!🐈🐕🙏

    Every year during the month of October, in honor of St. Francis the patron St. of animals, Grade 3 has done an unbelievable job of collecting pet food, pet toys, and supplies mainly for cats, kittens and dogs and puppies. This year is very important again because PAWS of Wakefield which is the Society for the Protection of Animals in Wakefield and surrounding areas is also teaming up with other organizations to help animals who are looking for their "fur-ever" home. Grade 3 will work very hard together as a team to decorate boxes and bags to put outside in the first-floor hallway as well as over in the early childhood building and in the church foyer. We will also make posters and send home flyers with every student in the school as part of a language arts project. We will also prepare a note for the school newsletter blog and try to put a notification into the St. Joseph parish bulletin every weekend for the month of October. To make it easier for the parishioners, grade 3 will also decorate boxes to leave in the foyer of the church in case parishioners bring in food and supplies to church for the animals we are trying to help.

    During the last week of October, Grade 3 students will sort out all of the food and supplies, and we will use this as a huge math project to estimate approximately how much our collection has generated in worth, given an approximate cost per item that has been donated, in addition to any gift cards to PetCo etc. There will also be a casual for a cause day for our whole school at the end of October and all of the money raised will be donated to PAWS and local animal shelters.

    This third grade annual "Help the animals in honor of St. Francis" October activity is always something that the children look forward to and promotes our love and help for the animals less fortunate than our own pets at home. Thank you so much in advance for your help, and by all means, please spread the word in any way that you can about our grade 3 project. If you belong to a different parish than St. Joseph Parish, we would be happy to provide you with a decorated box or bag and notice that perhaps could be put into their bulletin or hung on their wall over the box. I know that many of you live in other cities and towns, so this may be a way of reaching out to a lot more people, and giving Grade 3 a lot more math practice!! So, think of this as an academic adventure as well as a charitable one!😂😇💰

     If you have relatives, friends, or coworkers who love animals, perhaps they would consider donating a couple of cans or boxes of food to you to send in with your child for our collection. On behalf of the dogs and cats that our grade 3 class hopes to help with our collection, I know that they wish you a
    "WOOFY"🐶 and "MEOWY"😺 great day!

    On Friday, October 4, 2019 Grade 7 will host the First Friday Mass which happens to fall on the Feast Day of Saint Francis! Class A uniform, please.


    Mrs. Jane Ellis