• Friday, October 18, 2019

    Dear Third Grade Parents,

    Please download and read and/ or print my academic word document for this week which details what I will be teaching your children in religion, reading comprehension, spelling, phonics, grammar, and mathematics.

    I am sending home this weekly email and Academic Word document on Friday evening because I have an opportunity to spend the weekend in Jackson, New Hampshire and I will be leaving early tomorrow morning.

    I sent home the weekly "At A Glance" calendar with the children who were in school today for grandparents/ special friends day. The other calendars will go home on Monday with the children who were not present today.Everything today was perfect.πŸ˜‡ The Mass was wonderful,πŸ™ and the children all sang beautifully. All of the grandparents and special friends thoroughly enjoyed everything. Thank you to John Casoli for reading a prayer of the faithful and to Caitlin Chung; Darryl Tessier; and Giovanni Vanoni for their solo parts in the song, "A Million Dreams." Thank you also to Stella Scarpello and John for each holding up two big letters that finished the performance for grades K to 4 that spelled out ,"We love you.!" to the guests.

    🐢😺We are going to try a final two week "big push" to get more cat and dog food and supplies donated. Please remember to ask relatives, friends and coworkers if they could donate even just one or two cans or packages. Every little bit helps. I realize that there has already been a Wakefield food pantry collection as well as an additional toy collection this year, but there are still so many homeless cats and dogs within our local area and one or two cans of food is not a big expense. Our collection will fit right in with our math unit on money when we sort and estimate the value of all of the food, treats and supplies when we do a cooperative group lesson and estimate a total value. Thank you so much for your cooperation with our grade 3 "Help the Homeless Pets" project.πŸ•πŸˆ

    I also want to remind you that if a point is taken off of a test because a student has not put their last name or initial or a date on their paper, it is not reflected in my grade book. In other words, if a student gets 100% and then they see -1 for not putting the date with a score now of 99%, I still put 100% in my mark book.😊 The point taken off on the paper is simply to get them to remember that reading and following directions completely is very important.

    The children's class pictures all came out terrific! I enclosed a note in each child's package requesting a small picture for our classroom poster. If you are not buying any pictures, please send me in a recent picture, within the past year, such as at First Communion or summer vacation, of your child so that each child will be on the poster.
    After we get that poster finished, we will complete our baby picture poster which is always a lot of fun guessing who's who in the funny baby pictures that are sent in! These baby pictures will be returned to you at the end of the school year.

    The two posters together in the hallway are always a big hit especially when people compare the baby picture to the way the child looks now. With the baby pictures, the funnier the better!!!

    Mrs. Kourtney Casoli, our ever ready, effervescent room mother😍 will make sure that every classroom party, beginning with our Halloween one on October 31 will have everything that the children need to enjoy themselves.

    I will also let you know as soon as I hear back from Fire Chief Michael Sullivan the two dates that he will be able to come to third grade to read one of his favorite books titled "Fire At My House". Don't worry. It ends happy! Fire Chief Sullivan discusses the importance of safety in the home and of having a family meeting place in the event people have to leave the house in a hurry.

    Well, I'm off now to pack for Jackson!!! Have a great weekend!

    Jane Ellis