• Monday, January 20, 2020

    Dear Grade 3 Parents,

    Please download and read my academic word document for this week, attached to this e-mail, which will give you detailed information for what I will be teaching in reading, spelling, phonics, grammar, religion, and mathematics (geometry, multiplication and division fact families through the fours).

    Your children will be taking home this week's "At A Glance" calendar tomorrow in their folders. I will also email you a copy of it later tonight because there are a couple of important dates this week to remember.

    I also sent you a few photos that were taken of grade 3 with our Angels' bulletin board for the month of January which is located in the foyer of St. Joseph Church. There are also a couple of pictures from the Martin Luther King Jr. peace project that we did with our buddies in grades one and five on Friday.

    Last week I sent you copies of the very important multiplication; division and geometry vocabulary packets that your children are learning in class during math time.

    I also gave you information in the Academic Word Document math section about a highly recommended successful, free math computer app which can be accessed on khanacademy.org.

    Each child also has their own social studies and science folders where we are keeping our Scholastic News and Science Spin. The Martin Luther King Jr. packet is being kept in the social studies folder. Our LADD activity packets will be kept in the science folder.I sent you home a paper last week giving you the updated LADD lessons. Our first LADD program will be this Wednesday afternoon 1/22/20.  The children will learn about good hygiene practices to help prevent colds and the flu. Mrs. Carla DiSimone is our LADD instructor this year.

    The long term Catholic schools week poster is due by this Thursday, January 23, 2020. Information and pictures regarding this project were sent home to you at the beginning of January. These posters will be on display in our first floor school corridor for people to see the many creative, academic, athletic, and social activities that our school has to offer.

    I hope that your families enjoyed a happy, healthy three day weekend. We will try to get as much done this week as we possibly can before we embark on the 2020 Catholic Schools Week! Details about Catholic Schools Week are in your St. Joseph School Newsletter because it involves the entire school. Catholic Schools Week officially begins next Sunday, January 26, 2020.


    Mrs. Jane Ellis (MEOW😺)