• Sunday, March 15, 2020


    Dear Grade 3 Parents,

    I wish that I was just writing my "normal" weekly letter to you and attaching my weekly word document explaining to you everything in detail that I would be teaching this week in Religion; Reading Comprehension; Spelling; Phonics; Grammar; and Mathematics.

    However, these are definitely not normal times and the fluidity of the COVID-19 virus changes with each news broadcast,and will probably continue to change within the next week or so. The latest news this evening was from Gov. Baker ordering that all public and private schools be closed until April 7, 2020.

    I am so grateful to all of you for coming into the classroom on Friday and picking up your child's bag that I packed with everything from their desk. The kids and I often joke about the phrases, "Better safe than sorry and Better to have too much than not enough!" When I packed their bags, I definitely gave them enough, plus they already had at home all of their reading materials (textbook, spelling workbook, grammar workbook, and practice book) 

    I have been reading every article I can find about remote learning and each of them emphasize one common factor. That common factor is the family. Every family has different circumstances, especially in times like these when emotions are often stretched to their limits from fear and anxiety. A laid out timeframe of learning that might work for one family might not work for another family.🙁 Right now, everyone's focus is on their family's health and well-being.

    This weekend, for many children, even their weekly routine of going to Mass with their family on Sunday morning was canceled. I think that it is important for parents to read a couple of helpful articles on helping your children understand that they will not be following their usual routine for a few weeks. The comfort and assurance that they get from you at home is the best thing you can do for them at this time. Many of you have jobs in the healthcare profession where you are needed at work more than ever, which certainly complicates having children at home for an extended period of time.At the same time, you are also being told by the governor not to put them into large play group settings.

    Within a couple of weeks, all of our lives have changed significantly, and the phrase "social distancing" is being used by everyone.
    The governor emphasized to let our children know that this is not like summer vacation and that the work they are assigned from the teacher is work that would be done in school and for homework if the coronavirus was not interfering with our society and the world in general right now. In all of my years of teaching, thankfully I have never experienced a situation like this which makes me so sad😓 because I love being with your children and we have so much fun together on a daily basis while we learn and laugh.📚📄📖😂 

    This is the work that I would like to have your child complete tomorrow, Monday, March 16, 2020. Please feel free to show this to them and tell them that they can email me any questions they have about an assignment if they need to understand it better.

    Parents...Please notice that at the bottom of every workbook page in your child's spelling, grammar, and practice workbook there is a small section titled School/Home activity. This is certainly not a requirement for you. However, since it is there on every page, if you see something that looks interesting to you or that you think your child could benefit from, please feel free to do any of the suggestions that Pearson publishing makes.

    Required work:

    1.Read textbook page 147 (the boxed lunch)

    2.Read pages 148 and 149 which discusses synonyms and the vocabulary for this story.

    3.Read this week's story titled Suki's Kimono. The genre is realistic fiction. Pages 150 through 165. We usually do the reader response questions orally. If you can discuss them orally with someone at home, that would be great. Otherwise, at least read and think about them to yourself. Also, read about the author, Chiere Uegaki.

    4.Cut and tape this week's reading page that I made for you Into your reading notebook.

    5. Say, spell, and say each of this week's spelling words from the sheet just the way we do in class. If you can say, spell, and say them aloud to someone or even to your dog or cat or a stuffed animal you will be using more senses like we talk about in school. The more senses we use, the easier it is to stay in our brain. Then, on that same sheet that you are taped into your reading notebook, read the section about grammar this week. This week's grammar lesson is about adjectives and articles.

    6.  Outline the picture frame on the top of page 81 in your grammar workbook and read the top out loud. Do page 81.

    7.  Finally, read aloud each of the vocabulary words and definitions that are also on the paper that you have taped into your reading notebook.

    8.  Copy spelling words in cursive onto spelling sheet like usual.

    9.   Page 81 Spelling workbook.This is another one of those pages where we just copy the 15 regular words and the five challenge words to give us some extra practice

    10.  Practice workbook:  Tear out p.51 Family Times and read the summary.

    Do pages 53, 54, 55. Unfortunately, since we are not together in our happy little classroom family, we are unable to do the pages together orally. Instead, since you have this extra time, please read the directions carefully and write all of your answers in printing or cursive as long as the answers are neat.😇


    Multiplication and division packet

    Review all of your fact families through the sevens and complete your sevens packet.

    Do the daily word problem packet for Friday week 19 and Monday week 20 which is stapled together already.

    Spend at least 20 minutes on kahnacademy.org This can also be increased and counted toward your math calendar if you work in the area of multiplication and division. Of course, you are welcome to explore Kahn Academy's many math areas in addition to the multiplication and division facts. I know that some of you are enjoying the section on geometry, perimeter and area. Some children are enjoying the areas of fractions, time, and money.


    Please continue to pray for anyone in our classroom family or relatives of our classroom family who need God's extra help in any way. 

    Since our Praise and Worship has also been affected by our not being together in school, please say one decade of the rosary like we do every Monday and ask our Blessed Mother Mary to help all the people in the world who need her help in a special way. Remember that if you do not have a rosary at home, you do have 10 fingers!

    I sent home your little daily Scripture books and I hope that you will continue to read them each day.

    Please continue with station X (Ten) in your Stations of the Cross book.

    Read some more pages in the book The Trouble With Lent.

    Remember to : Do your best, And Let God do the rest.😇


    March Art pictures that we put into a green folder

    Kelly Williams also posted a great note from Kidcasso Art Studio in Wakefield that includes several websites for art fun.Thank you Kelly.


    Please remember that we are all in this together, and we can and will help each other to get through these "different days."


    Mrs. Jane Ellis

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