• Dear Grade 3 Parents,

    I was SO HAPPY😀 to "virtually" see al the kids😇 today on Zoom and get more organized with my books and packets at home to correlate with everything I have at school.

    I think that the more we get together as a class to review things and discuss anything that we want to together, the children will feel more comfortable seeing themselves on screen and talking into the computer. Of course some of them probably do this all the time with one or two friends, but it is a first for the whole class and definitely all of these have been new experiences for me.😍💻📱🎙I guess you can teach an old dog🐕 new tricks when they really want to learn!!!😂😹

    I think that the children all agreed that sending home a daily required lesson plan that gives them step-by-step directions for each subject is easier than giving them the overview for the entire week like I usually did before the coronavirus reared its ugly head.😠  At our earlier faculty zoom meeting with Dr. Sullivan, we determined that giving an overview for the whole week when we do not have charge in the classroom of what should be done each day, can give some children an overwhelming anxiety that they feel the need to finish almost everything by Tuesday of the week and they put too much pressure on themselves. Organizing one's time and schedule takes practice, and is even difficult for some middle and high school students when given a long-term assignment as to how to budget their time properly. Tonight I am going to send you the answer sheet from last Friday's math word problem. I was glad to see a few children raise their hand after I raised mine saying that I felt this page of logic was a difficult page to complete correctly. I feel that it is important that the children definitely complete the one problem a day and if they have any difficulties with it to ask you about it so that when I do meet with them we will correct these word problems together. I also encourage them to show their work to you because since it's a third grade level I'm sure that you will be able to help them except on a test when I only tell them what a word is or explain what it means if a lot of children don't understand it. Again, you can alternate the way you give spelling tests each week, or you may do the same method each week of simply giving them the 15 regular +5 challenge words and only counting wrong from the 15 regular words. Some time after they have taken the spelling and reading test on Friday morning, please send me an email that looks sort of like this: 

    4 Marks in total

    Spelling= either 100% or the number wrong from the regular 15 words. If they get any wrong from the regular 15, please have them copy the word or words correctly into their tricky words section at the back of their reading notebook so they may study those words more frequently, and practice each word correctly three times like I have been having them do since September.

    Reading test multiple-choice= 100% or the number wrong like 2X. Please review the correct answer with your child if at all possible.
    Reading essays= The answer sheet will give you sample essay answers. You may judge how close your child's answer comes to the teacher's manual answer. Some children cannot express in written words as well as they can speak, so if you are questioning what they have written, please feel free to ask them the question and have them give you the answer orally, and you will quickly see if they understood the question and know the answer. These essays can be judged by you like this: ✔+ if almost the same answer as the sample                              âœ”   if similar to the sample
                                                  ✔-  if nothing like the sample

    10 sentence paper from Thursday=100% or the number wrong. Most children get 100% on this paper because they are simply to put the page number on which the exact sentences found as they reviewed the story.