• Sunday, March 29, 2020 

    Dear Grade  3 parents,

    I am attaching the worksheet for required work tomorrow Monday, March 30, 2020. The Math word problems are Monday to Friday so once that has been photocopied you will be all set with that until Friday. As I refer to her, my guardian angel Siobhan Murphy, Will also be posting everything you need for Monday that I turbo scanned to her on my St. Joseph School teacher pages which is on the St. Joseph School website.

    I am only missing reading and spelling marks from two students so if you are one of the parents who have not yet sent in your child’s school or for Reading for the spelling test from last Friday please do so. Thank you.

    My final request is for all of your families to say a prayer for my daughter Megan who had to get the COVID-19 test today. I told you last week that she had to work three shifts with no mask. Her close coworker that they do patients together with tested positive on Wednesday and Megan came down with the symptoms yesterday and was sent home from work and tested today.

    I honestly believe that a decade of the rosary will take care of her situation. Thank you to all of you for advising about how she could procure some masks. She gave all of the information that any of you sent to her supervisor to try to help with this horrible situation.

    The best thing for me has been ALL OF YOU! I do not know what I would do if I didn’t have my schoolwork to keep my mind occupied.

    I am really hoping that I can get over to school when no one else is there and really praying that the copy machine does not break down like it often does so that I can package together a myriad of papers all labeled easily for your use and I already bought new big plastic bags and made labels with each of your child’s name on it.

    My hope is to be able to leave the 10 bags,  Clearly labeled with your child’s name and grade 3, in the convent porch by Wednesday at noon time so that someone from your family or perhaps working it out with another family from the school can pick up the large bag for your child which will be completely filled with tons of packets that you will not need to photo too much Anymore except for assignments. Please say a prayer that the machine does not break down on me because I could certainly not fix it and would probably go into a deep state of depression😫😩😭

    Blessings to all of your families and please go onto the Saint Joseph Parish website if you were not able to get to mass on a cable channel this weekend because Fr. Ron did an absolutely beautiful job with the story of Lazarus and Mary and Martha. His homily was right from his heart and his speech at the end of mass before The final blessing is one that we should all hearand pay very good attention to. I believe that if you go onto the Saint Joseph Parish website there is information as to how to get a streaming of the mass from this weekend.

    I’ll pray for you

    And you pray for me

    And together we will share

    The Holy Trinity!🙏✝️🙏✝️