Homework & Tests - General Info

  • Each day I assign 1, or at the most, 2 homework assignments which should not take more than 30-40 minutes to complete.  Some students finish much quicker and may be encouraged to spend enrichment time on enjoyable, appropriate reading or speed drill math facts.  However, sometimes children will take home a "leftover" paper that s/he did not complete in class.  This paper should be finished and returned the next morning to the classroom "leftover" basket so that I can correct it. 

    Occasionally, a student will need extra reinforcement or time at home to produce a quality workpiece.  While adequate time is given for completion of classwork, I do not like to pressure and add extra stress to a student who is a little slower in grasping a particular concept or is more meticulous with his/her neatness.  We adults know that certain tasks take us longer to complete than others.  What's easy for one child may be hard for another.

    Your child may take home any text or workbook at any time.  Some children benefit from orally reading the Grade 3 Science and Reading stories to an adult at home.  They find this helps their comprehension and test scores.  I encourage children to show their parents their workbooks and texts and consider them as tools for learning.  Of course, the Grade 3 Religion book should make many trips home to be shared with the family.

    Your child will ALWAYS know in advance and will have it written in his/her assignment notebook when s/he will be tested in Reading and Spelling.  It is impossible to test these subjects every week on a specific day because the chapters vary in length.  Also, sometimes homework is collected and counted as a test grade which is beneficial to children who try to put forth their best effort with every assignment emphasizing the idea of pride in workmanship.

    Please check your child's assignment notebook each day. There is so much work to accomplish academically in third grade that it is imperative that the homework be done carefully every day that it is assigned, and ready to be collected +/or corrected the next day. Occasionally, I will collect homework and count it as a test grade, as I stated in the previous paragraph. So, the motto, "Be prepared." definitely applies to my grade 3 homework assignments.