• Responsibility:

    Children are expected to be responsible for doing and returning homework on time.  Occasionally, I will collect homework as a surprise and count it as a test grade.  Of course, this is never a problem if it is done carefully and with pride of ownership!  As you probably know, Grade 3 is a transition grade from primary to intermediate.  It is imperative that self-discipline and self-motivation be encouraged.  Children will be allowed 3 times of missed assignments per term before a 15-minute detention is assigned.


    Students in Grade 3 are the "oldest" children on the first floor and are expected to be good role models for younger classmates in Pre-K; Kindergarten; Grade 1; and Grade 2.  For safety sake, I will not tolerate disruptive behavior of any kind.  It is the only way our happy ship can safely sail with many crew members on deck!  I am sure I will have their cooperation and I assure you that they will have mine as well.


    I allow the children to have sport-top water bottles at their desks at all times.  The novelty wears off quickly.  Of course, as parents, you know these types of bottles prevent large spills.  Some children feel comfortable knowing they can have a sip of water if they need one.


    Please encourage your child to use the bathroom right before s/he comes to school.  We go as a class at morning recess and right after lunch.  I encourage the children to remain in the classroom during lessons so they don't need an instant replay!  Please inform me if your child has a medical condition that necessitates more frequent trips to the bathroom.  Also, please help me remind them that we must be quiet on the basement corridor so we do not disturb Pre-K, computer classes and resource lessons.

    Class Lines:

    I have read "volumes" devoted to the subject of safe and effective class lines for large groups of children!  I have condensed the information into 2 very simple rules:

    1. Follow the Golden Rule
    2. For safety sake, keep all your body parts to yourself!

    Indoor Recess:

    Children are allowed to bring in "easy to pack" card games, travel size games, hand-held electronic games, etc.  I have several Brain Quest Trivia decks as well as card games, checkers, etc.  Children are encouraged to socialize with each other during indoor recess.  Also, to avoid injury I encourage children to use nerf balls whenever possible.