• For their birthday, each child will get to sit at my desk for the day and use all my markers, stamps, etc.  I will sit at their desks!  They absolutely love this special treat.  They also get to draw names to answer questions and lead lines for the day. 

    They do not have to take any tests if they fall on their special day but get an automatic 100%!  Of course, this is the luck of the draw - just like the lottery!  The birthday child will have no homework, of course, because no one should have any on their special day!  So, if a test comes the following day, the birthday child will be excused from it since they have no homework the previous night.

    Summer children will have their days in May & June.  NO ONE will get left out!

    Goodies may be sent in for the class.  I also give each child a special little present and certificate.


    Skylar Birthday