• Saturday, September 26, 2020

    Dear Grade 3 Parents,

    Please read my attached academic word document which explains in detail what we will be learning this week in third grade in the areas of religion; reading comprehension; spelling; phonics; grammar; vocabulary and mathematics. 

    Praise God that we have successfully made it through 2 1/2 weeks of Happy, Healthy, Holy Full- time, In -School academics and socialization!🙏🙏 Happy, Healthy, Holy are what we refer to in third grade as the three H's! The meteorologists have hazy, hot and humid. We have happy, healthy, and holy!

    The children have been absolutely fantastic following the rules for social distancing, cleanliness, mask wearing, and listening. I applaud all of them and also you as their parents for teaching them such good manners and how important it is to care for each other. They also did terrific on their first fire drill this year which was this past Monday. It was actually a new drill for me as well, now that I am on the top floor. Every child in third grade followed the fire drill rules perfectly, and I am so proud of each of them.🙌

    I have now sent you home via email and via the complete hard copy parent package, just about everything you need to know about what is expected in third grade. Please remember that if you have any questions at all regarding your child or the curriculum, to feel free to contact me. I realize that during a pandemic, we have to be flexible about face to face meetings, but I think that we are all doing an excellent job of following the protocols, and all of the children seem very relaxed and happy to be back together again.👫👫

    This Friday, October 2, 2020 is the Feast of the Guardian Angels.😇 Every day we pray to our Guardian Angel and on Fridays we say, "ever this weekend"! Father Ron encourages the children to name their guardian angel If they want to, which many of them like to do. He told them that his guardian angel is named Timolty, sort of like Timothy.

    "Angel of God my guardian dear
    to whom God's love, commits me here.
    Ever this day, be at my side.
    To light and guard,
    To rule and guide. Amen. "

    Next Sunday, October 4, 2020, is the Feast of St. Francis, known as the patron Saint of animals. In previous years, grade 3 has sponsored a month long school and parish wide drive to collect pet food, treats and supplies for PAWS (Society for the Protection of Animals in Wakefield and surrounding towns). We have combined it with money math and at the end of the collection, the children have sorted all of the food etc. and added up all of the prices which I have assigned to each type of item. They then add any amounts which have been donated in the form of cash and gift cards and are always very happy to know how much they have been able to help animals in need. Of course, with the Covid 19 pandemic, this year will be different in the way that we can help. The fundraiser will take place for one week beginning October 4, 2020 and I will certainly let you know what has been decided to be a safe way to help the animals of PAWS.

    I am sure that we will think of a great way to help the animals. As I said previously, we just have to be flexible this year and think "outside the box." We did this with Katelyn Walsh's birthday this week by changing some of the previous "teacher birthday"agenda items, and substituting new ones. Everything turned out fantastic, and Katelyn enjoyed a terrific day. All of us enjoyed her red, white and blue mixed together Italian ice!

    Have a "3H" week!🙏

    Mrs. Jane Ellis

    Grade 3 Teacher

    Saint Joseph School

    15 Gould Street

    Wakefield, MA 01880

    The mission of Saint Joseph School is to educate students spiritually and academically to use their minds well.