• Here is our Academic Curriculum for Grade 3:

    Language Arts:

    Spelling, Phonics, English, Reading.  Books include texts, practice workbook, spelling and grammar workbooks.  Spelling lists and vocabulary for each story will be kept in student notebooks.


    Cursive writing is developed further.  Manuscript printing as seen in textbooks, workbooks, magazines, etc. will continue to be used and should be just about perfect with regard to size, proper spacing and neatness.  Neatness is very important.  Unless there is a specific physical muscular coordination problem, I will expect papers to be done carefully and neatly.  Sharp pencils are a must! 


    Knowledge of addition and subtraction facts through 20 is expected.  Multiplication and division contract calendar system is fully explained and started in December.  Math vocabulary is learned in each chapter.


    Classroom Text, Good News Gospel weekly magazines, Advent book, Lenten scripture readings and activities are utilized.  Children will learn the Apostle's Creed and The Memorare.  We will also complete a book on the Mysteries of the Rosary. 


    Classroom Text and vocabulary notebook used to cover science material.

    Social Studies:

    Classroom Text, Scholastic News, various activity packets on holidays and special events used to cover social studies material.


    The LADD is our Learning About Differences and Disabilities Program.  Students in Grade 3 will learn about hearing, vision, physical and other disabilities.


    Each day, we increase our vocabulary by one megaword and discuss its spelling, pronunciation, accented syllable, number of syllables, definition and usage.  WOW!  Children love these "one a day" words so don't be surprised if you hear your third grader using vocabulary like alliteration, acclimated, obstreperous and acronym!