Classroom Curriculum

  • Mathematics:

    Our math program this year called Big Ideas. This curriculum aligns with the national Common Core Standards.

    Topics that will be covered throughout the year include:

    • Addition and subtraction facts
    • Data, graphing, and probability
    • Place value
    • Number concepts and patterns
    • Geometry
    • Fractions and equal groups
    • Two digit addition and subtraction
    • Measurement, time, and money

    We will learn these topics through the use of manipulative, paper practice, mental math strategies, and games.

    Children will also be assigned math homework throughout the week, which is important to complete. One of the great aspects of this program is the interactive demonstrations, which we will use on the SmartBoard/visual technology. 


    The reading program we use is the Scott Foresman Reading Street Program.  The program includes 6 units, with each unit covering numerous stories.  Each story takes about a week to read and has many worksheets and activities to go along with it.  These activities help to promote good readers and writers through their use of shared reading, guided reading, spelling, grammar, and phonics.

    Writing Workshop:

    Through writing workshop, students will have the opportunity to learn about the writing process (rough draft, editing, final draft, etc.).  At the beginning of the year, writing workshop will focus on grammar and sounding out of words.  For example, ending sentences with proper punctuation and doing their best to “sound out the words”.  As the year progresses, students will begin to focus more on paragraph structure and content.  This will be done in many forms of creative writing, including stories, essays, and journal writing. Keep a look out for student work on display in the hallway!


    Each week, your child will be assigned a list of spelling words that come from the story we read that week.  There will be daily spelling practice at school and homework throughout the week for review.  Our spelling tests will be every Friday.  Please make sure to practice spelling words with your child!


    Our handwriting curriculum is the Zaner-Bloser Program.  We practice handwriting various times throughout the week.  This year your children will also begin learning the cursive alphabet.


    This year, we will be using the Blest Are We series.

    This year is a big year for your children, as they will be receiving First Communion. I will be working with the children directly. We will use books Making Things Right and Called To His Supper to help us prepare for both First Reconciliation and First Communion.

    Information regarding important Reconciliation and Communion dates will generally be sent home from school.  If you have any questions about dates, please contact me.


    We will cover various units in life science, physical science, earth science, and the human body.  We will also have some mini science units that will go along with our reading program stories, which I will do with the class. Some of these include the life cycle of a frog, environmental safety, and butterflies. We are part of the MYSTERY SCIENCE  PROGRAM . The Children learn through visuals and some hands on ideas.

     Character Education:I believe that it is extremely important for children to know what it means to be an individual of good character.  Being trustworthy, respectful, fair, caring, and responsible, are all crucial characteristics.  Throughout the year we will be touching upon all of these topics.  Each month will host a "MONTHLY VIRTUE" presented by each grade.

    Social Studies

    Throughout the year will be having various mini lessons that will go along with the Massachusetts frameworks for social studies. I will also use the reading series as a springboard for social studies units. Some units we will cover include ancestry, Helen Keller, and biographies.  Scholastic news gives insight to social studies and also introduces them to related literacy concepts . For example, headings, captions, reading a graph and following maps.

      We will use the National Geographic social studies curriculum, which focuses on communities. We will study these units this year:

    • People building communities
    • Community history
    • Communities at work
    • Communities having government
    • Various cultures in our country

    In addition to these units, we will also be studying the Pilgrims, cultures, the United States, and more.

    I will be tying many of our creative writing pieces to the social studies curriculum. However, we will also do other writing pieces that go on their own.

    I look forward to the wonderful year ahead!