Mrs. Chiodini - Fifth Grade Teacher

  • About Me:

    I have 6 siblings, all of whom live on the Western side of the United States. I am the mother of two children, John and Clare, and married to Virginio Chiodini for 27 years. I grew up in Sacramento, California, and still feel nostalgic every time I smell the scent of pine in the late afternoon. I received my Bachelor of Liberal Arts at Thomas Aquinas College, located in Southern California.


    Those were tranquil years as I pored over and discussed with my peers the most important philosophical and theological truths about the nature of man and God through the ages. After I married, my husband's employment brought us to the East coast, which up to that time, I barely knew existed. While I miss my California on a daily basis, the Northeast is filled with energy and creativity, while being steeped in American history. I receive great solace and help in my life of faith through belonging to the Catholic movement of Communion and Liberation.


    What I Love About Teaching:

    What I love about teaching 5th Grade is the curiosity my students exhibit for every subject. I feel a responsibility to gratify that curiosity. Given my penchant for project based learning - my mom was a painter, and my father, a lawyer, built our log cabin at Lake Tahoe from a kit - I am always engineering new ideas to help the children live history, explore scientific concepts or fearlessly speak in front of a crowd.


    My Favorite Quote:

    My greatest passion is to teach religion; it is during our religion period that I experience with my students the love, peace and unity that comes from knowledge of the One who is making us in this moment. For each one of us is, "like the deer that yearns for running streams, so my soul is thirsting for you my God," Psalm 42.