Pick Up/Drop Off

  • PARKING:  
    Please DO NOT pull into the schoolyard after 7:45 am, even if the gates are still open. Children from the main building are already in the school yard waiting for the 8:00 bell. The gates will reopen at 8:05. When re-entering, please be aware that there may still be children arriving late to school and running towards the building. Please be cautious when entering and exiting the school yard at ALL times.  
    There is absolutely NO parking at all on Gould Street (in front of the main school building) during drop off and pick up times. Gould Street becomes a one way street so that children may be dropped off safely.  
    You are able to park on Cedar Street or in the church parking lot at this time to walk your child into class.
    Our doors are open at 7:30 am. However, our learning curriculum begins at 9:00am with our circle time. If you drop off during this time, please be mindful that our class is engaged and may easily be distracted by anyone entering the room. We ask that you kindly say your goodbyes in the hallway and allow your child to enter the room with a teacher to have as minimal disturbance as possible to our classroom during this time. 
    If you will be exceptionally late (after 10:00am) please inform me either directly by email or call the school.
    If you are planning to pick up your child from school early, it is important that you inform me beforehand so that I may have your child prepared to leave with as minimal disturbance as possible to the class. Please be aware that children are resting in the afternoon. 
    Please notify the school or email me directly if your child will be absent.