"We've been so happy with the communication between the class dojo and emails! Jaxson loves going to school and we couldn't be happier!!

    Lauren 2019


    "Thank you for all that you do!!! Tessa LOVES going to school and comes home happy everyday. My husband and I couldn't ask for more!"

    "Thanks to you for taking such great care of Nolan. He loves school!"
    "You have really been instrumental in his development over the past 2 years. My Aunt that's visiting taught Kindergarten for nearly 30 years and she is so impressed with him and his development. She said he is more than ready to start and I know you guys have been a huge piece of the puzzle. You're fantastic and I wish you all the best in the future. Thank you so much."
    "To all of the members of the Early Childhood Program, Thank you for all that you do for the children. We appreciate all of your work!!"
              - With Love, Class of 2015.
    "I want to thank you so much for taking such excellent care of Maggie this year. You have such a sweet way with the kids. Maggie knew she was cared for each day at school. That is all a mom and dad could ever want!"
              - All our Best! J.J.M. and A.
    "My son has a true enthusiasm for writing  and learning which is ultimately the most important thing. I am so happy that my son has experienced the early childhhood program at st joseph school for the past two years.He is ready for kindergarten next year and I would like to give them credit for preparing him."
              - S.K.
    "To all my teachers, Thank you for helping me learn so much everyday!!"
              - B.T.
    "Thank you for always taking such good care of Mark! You are both wonderful teachers.  Its a blessing to be able to got to work everyday knowing he is in such a happy and safe place!"
              - Kelli
    "Thank you for always welcoming Alexander so warmly.  It's wonderful that he loves going into the classroom and starts listening immediately.  We appreciate your calm demeanor and wonderful teaching skills!"
              - Take care, Betsy