Our Curriculum

  • OWL

    Opening the World of Learning (OWL) Comprehensive Curriculum: 

    Opening the World of Learning is your partner on the way to Kindergarten! 

    Opening the World of Learning  is a comprehensive curriculum that covers all domains of early learning. The content of each unit is built around a carefully crafted daily routine within an activity-center day. Themes, skills, and concepts are developed through quality children's fiction and nonfiction trade books. The consistent format and features in every unit makes it easy for teachers to use and children to learn.  OWL covers the following:

    • Language and Literacy
    • Mathematics
    • Science and Social Studies
    • Language and Literacy
    • Mathematics
    • Science and Social Studies
    • The Arts
    • Physical Development
    • Social and Emotional Development

    Why We Love It: OWL is different than other early childhood curriculum. It uses essential questions as the foundation for learning and exploration—the kinds of questions our little Pre-schools are naturally asking. The program encourages meaningful, personal relationships between teachers and students, and uses a mix of interactive content, songs and poems to foster oral language and early literacy skills.

    We have a wonderful experience using the OWL curriculum in our mixed 3 and 4 year old Pre-K classroom. The children thrived and gained so many readiness skills in all of the curricular areas through purposeful OWL lessons and activities. The literature was so well chosen to help the students love reading and gain new vocabulary. In addition all of the vocabulary cards and activities helped make our class setting even better.......And how the children love Ollie!!

    Image result for eye q phonics program for preschoolers

    Eye Q Phonics Program

    This program was developed to:

    • First: Build a foundation of letters and sounds
    • Second: Get our Pre-school readers to blend sounds and make words!
    • Third: To use both principles to start reading books… after learning only 8 letters!