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    My name is Ryan Hamelin, and I am proud to say that I am a Google Certified Educator. In addition, I hold a Master's Degree in Middle School Humanities Education from Salem State University. I am a loving Catholic wife and mother.  I am an enthusiastic teacher and I certainly enjoy working with children of all ages, but I have a special affinity for Middle School students. 

    Middle School is a time of rapid growth and development.  As mid-level educators, we must accept these changes and be willing to support students in their evolving sense of self, while assisting them as they find their own place in the world around them.

    Our mission at Saint Joseph is to produce graduates with the character, integrity, knowledge, and skills necessary for high achievement in a secondary school.  To this end, all of the middle school team members work together to create a supportive faith-based Catholic learning community.  I promise to challenge my students academically while maintaining a Catholic-based understanding of the world. In this ever-evolving digital and global world, I strive to engage students both kinesthetically as well as auditorily, visually and digitally, it is a process I love to experiment with.

    When I am not teaching I love hiking and camping, my friends will tell you that I love bird watching, reading and spending time with family.  My students will tell you that I am an animal lover and pretty nerdy about all things "History".  Most of all, I love learning! I offer my students a place to feel safe and know that they will be heard.  If they have an idea, I'm a sounding board. If they have a problem, I'll do all I can to help them sort it out. These are not just my students, they are your children and I care for them too. 

    May the Lord Bless us all as we travel through this journey together! 


    I am always just an email away...please feel free to contact me at rhamelin@stjosephschoolwakefield.org